Due to COVID-19 and its impact on public life, I am currently not attending any markets until further notice, but my online shop remains open. I appreciate your support at this difficult and uncertain time and hope to see you at the market again soon.

 In the meantime, stay safe!

Yours, Sina

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Products

We have selected a range of eco-friendly and sustainable products that will help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. The vast majority of our products are plastic-free and made from natural or recyclable materials. Our range of consumable products consists of products that are mainly made from natural ingredients and materials, so they don’t harm the environment when we use or dispose them.  For non-consumable products, the focus is on re-use, as well as biodegradable and recyclable materials! Some products are still partly made from plastic as there is currently no better alternative.

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You can find me at the following markets:

Regular Markets in 2020

Winchester High Street

  • Every Wednesday opposite the Ivy Restaurant from 9am to 4.30 / 5pm. SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE (as of 18th March)

Minimal Waste Markets

Minimal Waste Markets bring together a range of sustainable businesses from Winchester and the surrounding area. They take place at Badger Farm Community Centre from 13.30 to 17:00. Eco Zeena will be at the following markets:


Other Markets

Newbury Artisan Market

Newbury Artisan Market takes place on the last Sunday of each month. Eco Zeena will attend the following markets:

Eco Zeena's market stall with eco-friendly and sustainable products in Winchester on a sunny day
Worm's eye view of green trees

Our Philosophy: Live Green, Live Well

Living more sustainably doesn’t only reduce our environmental footprint, but is also better for our health and well-being. A more sustainable lifestyle reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore our environmental impact. In addition, choosing products made from natural ingredients and materials reduces our exposure to chemicals and waste.

Producing less waste and living more environmentally-friendly has also been shown to make as feel better and happier. Knowing that my choices and actions do not harm the planet feels great! And this is what I would like to share with you with the range of eco-friendly and sustainable products you can find in my online shop.

About us

Eco Zeena was born in 2019 to offer you a range of eco-friendly and sustainable products that will help you live a greener lifestyle, one that is not only good for the planet, but also yourself. We believe that our choices and actions make a difference and that, together, we can create sustainable and happy communities that live within the planet’s ecological boundaries. Read more

“The best way to feel better is to make the world a better place.”

Solitare Townsend, Happy Hero

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Zero Waste