My Passion for Sustainable Living

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My first day on the market in Winchester!
Hi, I'm Sina

I’m from Germany and came over to the UK in 2013 to do a PhD in palaeoclimate science (the history of the Earth’s climate). I’m very passionate about sustainable living because of my love for the natural world. Back in Germany, I studied Geosciences to learn more about the planet we live on. During my studies, my interest in sustainability only grew further. I guess studying the past and putting our existence into perspective made me realise that what we have is special. Therefore, I think that it’s not only our responsibility care for the natural world, but also in our own interest. After all, we depend on it. But my appreciation for the natural world has also shown me something else: When we love something, looking after it goes without saying.

My Sustainable Living Journey

I embarked on the journey to reduce my environmental footprint and live more sustainably about ten years ago. Whilst my journey has been gradual, the book ‘The Story of Stuff‘ by Annie Leonard opened my eyes to the impact we have on the planet. It inspired me to strive for sustainability in my life and for our societies. My lifestyle is still not completely sustainable, but I truly believe that every little sustainable choice makes a difference for the better.

My Business Journey

In 2018, I first thought about turning my passion for sustainability into my own business, but it wasn’t until 2019 that I took the plunge and committed to it. I have not regretted my decision since! My aim is to help you make more sustainable choices. Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, I hope that you will find something in my shop that helps you along the way. Alternatively, if you have just stumbled across my website by chance, hopefully there’s something you like.

Let’s make this journey together and create sustainable societies by living green and living well.


Sina Longman

P.S.: I called my business Eco Zeena as “Zee-na” is how my name is pronounced. In Germany, the name Sina fairly common and a popular name for German Shepherds 🙂 

“To eliminate the concept of waste means to design things – products, packaging, and systems – from the very beginning on the understanding that waste does not exist.”

Michael Braungart & William McDonough, Cradle to Cradle

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