Conditioner Bars



The conditioner bars from Proud Mary Soaps come in four different scents and are suitable for all hair types:

  • Apple & Geranium (Pink)
  • Cocoa Butter (Yellow)
  • Lavender & Chamomile (Purple)
  • Tea Tree (Green)

Weight per cube: ~30g

Additional information

How to use

Apply the bar to wet hair by running it in a single downward motion from top to bottom. Add a little extra on the tips and damaged bits. Work the product through your hair before rinsing thoroughly. Can be used as a leave-in treatment once a week. For the perfect result remember that less is more, so start by using a small amount and then build up according to your need.

Applying an apply cider vinegar rinse can help dissolving the nut butters in the bar and can be used as a weekly addition to your hair care routine.


Cacao butter, Shea butter Mango butter, Coconut oil, Incroquat, Cetyl Alcohol, Olive oil, Jamaican black almond oil, Castor oil, Arrowroot powder, Fragrance and Essential oils (Apple fragrance oil, Rose Geranium fragrance oil, Tee Tree essential oil, Chamomile essential oil, Chamomile fragrance oil, Lavender essential oil, Sweet rum fragrance, Blueberry fragrance oil, Sweet orange essential oil, Oil water based colour.

About Proud Mary Soaps

Proud Mary Soaps is based in Alton, Hampshire, making organic and eco-friendly soaps products. Proud Mary Soaps source materials from the most local and sustainable sources possible and strive to eliminate plastic in their procurement and manufacturing process.