Vegan Wax Wraps



The Vegan Wax Wraps from Rowen Still Water are made with 100% cotton fabric, plant waxes, tree resins and plant oils, and mould and grip with the warmth of your hands to form a water-repellent seal.

The wraps can be used to cover your lunchtime sandwiches, fruit and snacks on the go or shape to the top of a bowl to save left-overs in the fridge.

The wraps come in a set of three, containing the following sizes:

  • Large: 30cm x 30cm (approx. 12in x 12in)
  • Medium: 25cm x 25cm (approx. 10in x 10in)
  • Small: 20cm x 20cm (approx. 8in x 8in)

The set includes an unbleached cotton, handprinted storage bag with care instructions. Ideal for gift giving.

Please note that all wraps are hand-cut, so small variations in size may occur.

Additional information

The wraps are:

  • Vegan
  • Soy free
  • Palm oil free
  • Plant based
  • Made with UK sourced waxes for low air-milage
  • Compostable
  • Plastic free

All wax wraps now carry Viva! Vegan certification so you can be confident that no animal derived ingredients and no animal testing are used along the production chain.

How to use

The food wraps mould and grip with the warmth of your hands – simply shape the wrap around the container you want to seal or press together to close over sandwiches. Once the wrap is bonded (approximately 5-10 seconds) it has formed a water repellant seal that keeps your food fresh. Please note that wax can only be used with fully cooled food and is not suitable for microwaves, ovens or hot plates.

How long will the wraps last?

The wraps will last between six months to a year with regular use. The natural formula will not crack or flake in the refrigerator or cool box.

Care Instructions

To clean the wrap simply wash it under cold to lukewarm water with a little mild bar soap (hot water will strip the finish) or wipe it with a damp sponge. Leave to line dry or wipe with a drying cloth. You can store the wraps anywhere that doesn’t get too hot – a kitchen drawer is ideal.


When a wrap reaches the end of its useful life simply cut into strips and compost it.

About Rowen Stillwater

Rowen Stillwater started the business when her world was turn upside down. As she cares about the planet and values craftsmanship. All her products are handmade and she is proud of making products that meet the needs of people who want to tread more gently on this world and that don’t contribute the worldwide shout of animal suffering.